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Fishing Rice Lake

One of Ontario's largest and most productive inland fisheries, part of the Trent Severn Waterway, Rice Lake is very shallow (max 27ft), and approximately 37 kilometers long (23 miles) and 4.8 kilometers (3 miles) across. Rice Lake is often called a "fish factory" by the Ministry of Natural Resources and for a good reason - it still produces the most fish per acre of any lake in Ontario! Known for its large bass, walleye (pickerel), muskie (muskellunge) and panfish including perch, bluegill, sunfish, and crappie, the lake has a fish for all angling levels. Rice Lake is also becoming known for its carp fishing, once considered by many as a "nuisance", carp are highly prized by Europeans because of their enormous size, and they are exciting to catch.

Weedbeds and mudflats are abundant and attest to the lake's great fertility. Panfish fill these waters and provide food for the highly sought after predatory fish such as bass, walleye and muskie. Ontario is walleye country and you can find great action for these tasty, golden fish at Rice Lake. Walleye anglers fish the many weed lines of Rice Lake in search of this tasty fish and the lake continues to produce many.

Muskie still live in the lake and you can experience these fish putting up a tough fight in the Muskie Bay area or the back of Long Island in the fall. Pro bass anglers also favour the lake, not only for the numbers of both large and smallmouth, but also for their large sizes. This is the key reason why so many bass tournaments are held on the lake each year, drawing in some of the top anglers in Canada and United States to the waters of the "rice".

The new Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Fish ON-Line tool is a great way to find out lake information and get started!

Only an hour and half from Toronto, Rice Lake is so close to your angling expedition. After playing in the water, book into your accommodation at resorts, cottages, campsites, campgrounds or an inn. You'll experience the simplest of tent sites to resorts with spas, restaurants, boat rentals, launches and many more amenities. Many accommodations are situated near marinas offering a variety of boat rentals and services. Public boat launches are available along the lake and can be found in our Outdoor Adventure Map.

Please remember to fish responsibly and have fun!


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