Submit Your Event

Your Northumberland event submission will be considered for inclusion on based on the event's tourism uniqueness and the ability to attract visitors regionally and provincially, offering a diversity of quality experiences and enrichment for those who participate and attend. Usually these celebrations are an annual event lasting anywhere from 1-10 days and fall under any one of these categories:

  1. Agriculture (i.e. fairs and farmers markets)
  2. Exhibitions and Shows (i.e. gallery showings, artisan tours, specialty films)
  3. Festivals, Carnivals and Celebrations
  4. Holiday Related (i.e. parades, Christmas light displays)
  5. Outdoor (i.e. walking tours, garden tours, house tours)
  6. Performing Arts
  7. Heritage (i.e. re-enactments, heritage weekends)
  8. Sports
  9. Culinary

Events submitted publicly will be audited. Your event will be reviewed within 48 hours for suitability. Organizers of sales, auctions, fundraisers, small sports tournaments, and lectures are encouraged to contact their local newspaper or municipal office web site.

Northumberland Tourism welcomes your call at 905 372-3329 x6257 should you wish a copy of our Free Print and Online Publicity document which affords even more free exposure for your event via magazines, newspapers, e-newsletters and web sites.